Stuck in a training

1) Hardware: Mobile (Google pixel 3 phone)
2) Operating system Android 12
3) Browser Chrome
*4) Browser cache has been cleared - YES
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Training “Safety Afloat” stuck for me at 90%. I was asked to print out a certificate and then couldn’t proceed. Training is, obviously, completed. Can it be set to complete so that the certification is visible to my troop?
Thanks so much, in advance

This is a known issue being tracked here: SCO_800 Hazardous Weather module not working - #23 by TimothyRogers


We marked it off for you.


Please clarify that you marked the training off for @FrankNiesen, the reporter of the issue.

Yes it was marked off.

Thank you so much for the quick help. I am happy to confirm that the certification is showing.