Transfer scout issues with IA+scoutbook calendar

Here is the situation:
A scout transferred out of our unit earlier this year. She does not appear on our roster in scoutbook or in IA. However, after the transfer of the calendar to IA, while she still does not appear on our roster in scoutbook or IA, she does appear in the IA+scoutbook calendar. She only receives invites and can RSVP to her former troop, but cannot for her new troop. Not sure how to solve.



Please provide her BSA Member ID (no names) and we will investigate.

Hi - the BSA member ID is 135875249


When a Scout moves to a new unit, they are not removed from calendar invites of the old unit nor added to calendar invites in the new unit (this is in the backlog to fix).

The easiest way to add/remove Scouts is to use the Feature Assistant for Chrome and Firefox. In Scoutbook on the My Dashboard page, click on Events then select “Add New Invitees to Events” This can be used to add new Scouts or adults. Any Scouts or adults no longer associated with your unit will be removed from the selected events.

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