Removing non-renewed scouts from events

With the new IA calendar, is there a way to remove non-renewed scouts after the charter is processed from all events going forward?

I have only found a way to do 1 at a time. That appears to work by editing 1 event, removing all participants, then saving, then adding all, then saving the updated list.

To be honest, I am frustrated that when I do a remove all, add all, it shows the correct new list, but when I hit save a that time, it says sucessful, but when I go back into the event, it has the old list. It appears to require saving the event with no attendees, then adding and re-saving.

This multi-step process for each and every event is very time consuming.

@JasonKracht Could you provide the bsa member numbers of some of the individuals who were not rechartered but still are listed as attendees?

I don’t have ready access to that information anymore since they are not on the roster anymore. However when i open an event, it shows 22 scouts vs the 16 that are currently chartered. Also many extra parwnts os these scouts.

Could you clarify where you are seeing the 22? I think you had previously said the extra six names don’t show up in the invitee list. Correct?, change to my cubmaster profile.
Click on Calendar
CLick on an event
the section Invitees/Attendees shows people that I had removed from events multiple times.

It should look like:

Today it looks like most of the saves to the correct attendess has taken place, and most events are showing either what I saved either last week, or last night.

@JasonKracht Could you also confirm that they are on neither your scoutbook nor your internet advancement roster?

Yes, they are not on my Scoutbook or IA rosters.

Thank you for reporting this and the clarifications. I have reported this to the developers.

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