IA Calendar - Invite list not updated

Hi! Not sure if others have experienced this, but available scouts in my invite list does not match my roster, rather a previous, outdated, one prior to the most recent recharter. It does not include any new scouts from this year, in fact I venture to claim it is my previous charter roster. I am unable to use the calendar as it can only be viewed by approximately 50% of my unit due to the incorrect roster connected to Calendar. Please help!

Chris W.


Are the missing Scouts appearing on your Scoutbook or IA roster? If they are, try a hard refresh (SHIFT+REFRESH) and let us know if that fixes the problem.

Are you editing the event and clicking select all, and still missing scouts?

This is editing an old event that transferred from the previous calendar app. Confirmed it is not happening with a new event.

I tried duplicating the event thinking it would act as a new event to resolve this, but it also duplicated the invite issues.

but can you add new members to the old event - or do you not see them

I do not see new members to add to the old event.

so if you edit event > then click Add Individuals on right you do not see them listed?
Screenshot 2024-04-24 at 12.01.12 PM

That is correct, I do not see them in Add Individual and was seeing older members, cubs who crossed over last year, and no new member from this year.

HOWEVER I FIGURED IT OUT! This is my solution/workaround, if anyone else has this issue.

Going to the ADD UNIT/SUBUNIT drop down menu (not even selecting a new item, but just activating the drop down) appeared to refresh the Unit roster for the event and I was able to add everyone I was expecting to the old event.

Cheers, and thanks for all the quick responses here.
Stay well,

In one of three instances I needed to change the event type (there were a couple renamed with the migration that appeared invalid) before the Add Unit/Subunit refresh would work.