Transfer to Secondary Troop from Multiple

OK trying to figure out the right, least paperwork, cleanest way to achieve the following: have a Scout who is currently “Multiple” with two Units (U1 and U2). He has decided he wants to drop the former primary U1 and just stay with U2. Do we do a new “Transfer” application from U1->U2, or will that create him twice in U2 (as he’s already a multiple there)? Or do we just have U2 collect his fee and register him and request U1 to drop/not re-register him? (Or does the second cause any glitches as U2 would be re-registering him and U2 not his current paid, primary Unit?)

if he is already registered in both - do nothing and let U1 membership expire at recharter

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And have the Scout pay the registration fees via U2.

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Thank you. Theoretically same for an adult leader?

Yes, same for an adult.

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