Transfering MBC from another Council

Trying to register a MBC who is already registered as an ASM. (They’ve recently moved in from another council.) They’ve answered all the questions, and hit the “submit multiple registration” button. Getting an error that says, “Our apologies, but we are experiencing an error on our end. Please contact your local council to report it. Error: not allow to generate application, because given appliedToOrgGuid, existingOrgGui are belongs to same council.”

Our council guru isn’t available this week, so I thought I’d ask here. Any thoughts on what the issue is, or what a workaround might be? His BSA ID (from our council) is 133528632.

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Thank you!)


Not sure what system you are trying to use - most councils do not have MBC online apps - as no staff watches for them.

And that MID - is a Far East Council MID it looks like

We do them through my.scouting. Our MBC are registered/managed at the District level, so we send them the District application link from Invitation Manager, then have District volunteers monitor the Application inbox.

This is a 803 MID is all I can tell you - has 082 registrations somehow but it is an 803

That makes sense. Thanks!