Transferring in an international Scout

I am having trouble transferring in a Scout who started in the US and then transferred overseas. Her parent has given me the BSA ID & Scoutbook ID. When I put in the BSA ID I get a message not found". The parent has 2 different BSA numbers. How do I find this Scout?

BSA # 13365931 SB # 10328888
second BSA # 137510787

Any help is greatly appreciated as she will be attending a private high school here in the US and wants to continue with our Troop while she works on Eagle Rank.


@CharleenOsborne HAS THE SCOUT REGISTERED with your troop? You cannot just do it in Scoutbook

Yes, the Scout is trying to join my Troop. I tried using the “transfer in” button but neither BSA ID number is found. I don’t want to create a new ID for this Scout because all of the achievements should transfer. The parent gave me both ID numbers and the Scoutbook number, that is why I am asking here.

@CharleenOsborne Are you trying to use Scoutbook’s “In-Council Transfer” button? That method only works for transfers between units in the same council.

The Scout is currently registered as a Lone Scout under BSA 137510787.

So can I still “transfer in” using my.scouting? How do I connect this Scout with my Troop?

@CharleenOsborne The parent can try going through:

I do not know if it will work or not. If it does not work, the parent can use a paper application to transfer the Scout’s registration to your troop.

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Make sure to include the currently-registered BSA ID on the youth application in the bottom right corner if you turn in the paper application. That should make it less likely that another new account gets created.

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