Transfer In Cub Scouts on from out of Council

Our Pack has a family that moved from NJ, I’m trying to “Transfer In” on, but receive “Member Not Found” Error for both scouts. I have screen shots from Scoutbook showing their BSA ID’s and the parent has provided their birth dates.

BSA ID 137546208 & 137546239
From Monmouth Council NJ, Pack 31
To NCAC, Pack 717

Parents need to use Beascout for out of council

Donovan, does the parent need to go into the Scout’s Scoutbook Acct and change council, unit number? or will all the various sync’s talk to each other and bring over the SB record from the old council?

If the data in new application is entered exactly the same then it will sync up

YAY!!! This is AWESOME!

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