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Transferring Scouts Between Councils via My Scouting

We were told during a district membership committee meeting that it is October - December. They were suggesting to avoid sticker shock using paper applications during that time. I’m not interested in going backwards, but I also don’t want to turn anyone away.

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@Matt.Johnson the Transfer tool is still isolated to the council you are in - yes it says transfer - but it just the one council - try it and see

I do agree. I just tried it and it will only search for units within our own council and will not list a real unit in another. It doesn’t work for me or my daughters. That is not what other documentation I have received says. This documentation was from national, and it is within the last month.

Can you get word to someone to either a) fix it or b) change the wording on the my.scouting login and the national documentation?

Good discussion. We had a couple of problems with transferring out of council. One parent received a message “you don’t have permission to use this API” that could have been an internal error. The others went through all the screens where they input member ID etc but they were asked to pay a new scout fee and prorated dues through 12/31. Obviously if you are currently registered, that isn’t what you want to do. Our Council suggested we submit paper apps to them for out of council transfers so they can work around the system.

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Hi SG - I heard something that they might be working on being able to include the unit fee in the registration. No clue on when that is happening. The pack we were in structured dues similarly to your unit and it was so confusing but not because of mid-year registrations. The problem was communication. I’m now the UC for my old pack… Here were my recommendations to the new cubmaster experiencing problems because families had no idea what was going on with paying dues …

  1. post the payment policy - the fees, the amounts, the due dates
  2. Outline what is included in the program fee and what the family might still need to pay for ie: summer camp, optional activities, etc.
  3. consider prorating your program fee for new joins to the end of the year and for the first few months of the year for AOL crossover scouts.
  4. give receipts or a way for families to track their payments
  5. Be done with recharter by Nov 15 and enjoy family time during the holidays.

I understand that parents can transfer kids out of council via my.scouting.org now… what about unit leaders? As CM, I want to be sure that kids leaving get connected quickly and know mom/dad have 20 other things to worry about during the move so it’d be nice to be able to help.

leaders can transfer Scouts in their unit to another one IN their council - not to another council - from the my.scouting.org roster for the unit

The parents trying to transfer their scouts INTO my Pack (from out of state) were unable to do so via my.scouting.org. Unit leaders can’t do it either when the transfer is out of council.

Once you hit the transfer button and then try to search for a Unit in your new area, the search either returns unit options in the parent’s previous location or it returns nothing.

I watched a parent do this on her phone. They are from CA and just moved to NY. In my.scouting.org when she tried to search for our Pack after initiating the transfer process, it would not return any Pack option in NY, just in CA.

It’s not obvious that this functionality is unavailable for inter-council transfers and there are no warnings that indicate that you can’t transfer scouts between different councils. If my.scouting isn’t going to let us use the transfer option for out of council transfers, then there should be some text added to the screen (after you initiate the transfer process) that warns you that transfers to a new council must be done via the beascout.org website or by paper application.

@DonovanMcNeil - I just had a thought… maybe not a good one, but it’s worth inquiring about. Out of curiosity, if a parent updates their address at my.scouting to reflect their new location - PRIOR to initiating the transfer process - would this then allow the search function to pull up units in their new area? I would try it out on one of my sons but I don’t want to create a mess with his accounts.

It occurred to me that I didn’t know if the parents trying to transfer in had updated their accounts to reflect their new location as being in NY and not CA. If the unit search is based on the address on their account, then conceivably updating the address would allow them to search for units in their new council area?

Cross-Council transfers can only be done by parents through beascout.scouting.org as long as several conditions are met

  1. they are actually setup as parents in my.scouting.org
  2. the receiving unit accepts online applications (I have heard this does not matter but have not seen it, usually the unit does not even show on list if that is the case.)
  3. You have to hit Transfer - not register
  4. The Scout will get a new MID

I changing address would not do a thing as it is searching based on MID (I tested this)

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