Transfers from In-District Pack to Pack Produces Roster Position Issue and Scoutbook Edit Issue

When accepting in-district pack transfers from another pack to mine, the IA roster shows them as “Youth Member” and not, for example, “Webelos Member” like everyone else in the roster. This happened to all 10 or 11 that transferred over. Didn’t think too much about it, but when they made it over to Scoutbook, they still show as the prior den type with 100% complete rather than the current den type at 0% complete. When trying to edit there requirements, the system kicks me out of their requirements page and back to the Den roster page. I cannot edit their requirements. I think there scouts being referred to in the position column as a “Youth Member” is the root cause of the Scoutbook edit problem. How can I get this fixed?

@WillFowlkes - youth member is also how new applicants show up as well. I typically assign them to the apprden and end date the youth member item. The system does not know your unit den structure hence the youth member.


Have you placed the Scout into a den? If not, go to the den roster, click Reassign Scouts to move the Scout into the proper den.

We have seen issues with Scouts having the wrong position even after being placed in a den. The developers are aware of this problem.

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Yes, they are all in dens. We are Pack 75, Foothills District, Atlanta Area Council and I am the Cubmaster. I was just hoping I didn’t do anything wrong when accepting them to my Pack.