Pack roster is not complete

I’ve several new scouts who are BSA registered and on the my.scouting roster and listed on the scout book roster, but their names have not auto-populated on the Pack roster. I’d followed the instructions that I’d read on an older post and clicked the check inside the green shield indicating “position approved” on the scouts membership page, but I’m not able to change that designation in scoutbook.

Please let me know what other information could be helpful in resolving this issue.

I’m not following what you’re saying, but I did find a duplicate account for you. Hopefully, that resolves the issue for you.

What do you mean by the pack roster that they are not populating to? If they are in my.scouting and scoutbook, what else is there?

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Perhaps this is something unique to our pack.

If it is, we can help you clear it up, but I do not know what roster you are referring to.

@TonyaH - just to be clear all scoutbook units have the same visual and configuration. Are you perhaps thinking about the dens ? that is a manual process as the nation systems do not recognize dens.

@TonyaH I sent you a private message for more information.

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