Transfers initiated in Scoutbook versus my.Scouting

Please correct or confirm my understanding:

  1. If a youth is transferred between units (either using my.Scouting > Pack > Roster > Transfer or by submitting a paper BSA Youth Application form), that change will then be be reflected automatically in Scoutbook within a couple of days; however,
  2. If a youth member’s records are first moved in Scoutbook by ending the membership in one unit and starting it another unit, that doesn’t actually transfer the youth. The youth still needs to be transferred either online in my.Scouting or by submitting a BSA Youth Application form to their local council.

I’m asking because I’m seeing a number of Arrow of Light scouts moved from a Pack to a Troop in Scoutbook, but they are still listed on their Pack roster and not on the Troop roster in the my.Scouting Roster tool.

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correct on both counts

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