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Troop activity not showing in scoutbook

I have a scout that moved to me from a pack. She has all the cubscout advancements and I am not able to add any of her troop activity. How do I change from cubs to troop?

is there still an active Pack membership in Scoutbook - if so end it

She does show her membership has ended in cubs and active in the troop.

so what can you not do?

it is not allowing me to enter her rank advancements or merit badges.

is her membership APPROVED by unit admin? What is the BSA #?

It would be helpful to know where you are trying to enter them and what happens when you try? Any error messages?

So not sure how or why, but it’s working now! When you suggested I check membership, I just went ahead and clicked on the end date and saved again. But I can now add her trainings and leadership role.

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