Troop Activity Report - please limit to only Troop (No Pack) records

When the Troop report is generated for all scouts based on a date range, for the newer scouts that have activity recorded in both their Pack and Troop Scoutbook history, both Pack and Troop activity records are returned in the report. This skews the reports, as it appears they have a greater number of camping nights / service hours/ etc than they actually do since they joined the Troop.

The only way to currently resolve this issue is to run individual activity reports for each scout, based on the date they joined the troop. This is not a good use of time as our Troop continues to grow.

I’d like to be able to run a Troop level report for all Scouts that only includes activity records based on the date each scout joined the Troop, so that the Pack records are no longer included in the output.

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We are looking into options to meet this need but still allow for tracking for awards that allow Cub Scout camping time.

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Seems like this is a bug in Permissions - The Pack should not be able enter/change Troop activity once a scout leaves one unit and moves to the other. We had an issue this week where one of our newly crossed over scouts (he earned his Arrow of Light at the Pack then crossed over and joined the Troop) was marked as completing his Scout rank when the Pack selected all their Scouts and approved-all to get ready for their end-of-year transition. Nothing the Pack does should affect Troop records…they can’t view his records. And yet it’s a Pack Leader who is displayed as the Approver for a boy in our Troop. Units should be completely separate and a scout should only be active/editable in one at a time.

The Needs Approval report for a pack should not include Scouts BSA, Venturing or Sea Scout items, and a Needs Approval report for a troop, crew or ship should not include any Cub Scout items. We will have this looked into.

The activity logs are for the Scout, not the unit. There is no unit data contained in the logs.

Megin - is this pack leader also an adult in the troop ?

No, he is not. I am a leader for both, but that guy is Pack only.

@MeginDressel Is the parent connected to the scout as an adult leader, a carryover from being in the pack? Or is the connection ONLY as a parent?

The adult generating the Troop Activity report is a leader in both the Pack and the Troop.

@DougWright the Leader is connected to the scout as a Leader from the Pack. @InyMarks He is not a leader (or even a member) in the Troop.

I would hope that security would prevent a leader who is not a member of a unit (Troop in this case) to do anything that would affect that unit records - he should be able to affect the scout’s Pack records but not the scout’s Troop records.

If this leader is not a leader or parent with the troop, then go to the Scout’s Connections page and delete the connection. Because the Scout is no longer a member of the pack, the Cub leader should not be able to mark items as approved any more. It sounds like there might be a bug.

We now have 2 issues being discussed in this same thread which I think is causing confusion in responses for both the Scoutbook Advisory Council and other users.

  1. The issue I reported for Pack activity records being included in the Troop Activity Reports for scouts who have crossed over, where the leaders running the Troop activity report are leaders in both the Den and Pack.
  2. Megin’s issue related to the Needs Approval report.

I’d like to suggest that Megin’s Issue be created as a separate new issue for proper tracking so that others with a similar issue can comment as well. Otherwise it will remain buried in this thread.