Getting rid of an old (somehow perpetual!) event

We have an event that is somehow perpetual, but won’t let me do any editing to get rid of it! Not sure how it happened, but an event from August 2021 is on every. single. day! of the calendar.


@RebekahVerbeten - are you a unit admin ? Perhaps a screen shot of what you see when you click into the event in question.

Yes I’m an admin. Here’s what I see when I click on the main calendar to go to the event. No option showing to edit or ask for the RSVP report or anything.

Probably someone who is admin in multiple events created it for both units. So you would have to be admin in both.

Both units? This is a Pack event and I’m a Pack admin…and our Committee Chair can’t see an edit option either.

Most often, when a unit admin can’t edit an event, it’s because someone who is an admin in more than one unit invited more than one unit to the same event.

Until you mentioned that your CC couldn’t edit it, either, I was going to suggest “refreshing” your Pack Admin role by going to:

Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Pack ### → Pack Roster → Your name → Pack Admin role → Update (red button)

However, that’s (usually) a one-off issue, rather than impacting multiple admins at the same time (at least in my experience).

@RebekahVerbeten - based on the screen shot there are scouts you are not connected to which would indicate multiple units. Is there someone in the pack who is also an admin in another unit under the Charter Org ?

Good catch, @Stephen_Hornak. It might be worth trying the connection refresh, @RebekahVerbeten. You (pack admin) and the CC (Key 3) should have been automatically connected to any new scouts, but should have doesn’t buy much coffee… :^)

I think at least one of those Scouts used to be in your pack, but has transferred to a troop.

This is an event created by Internet Advancement. You need to get rid of the corresponding event there in order to get rid of it. (Note that the link in the event will send you to the upcoming replacement Scoutbook UI.)

See this thread for further details:


I think that should help! I don’t remember exactly when the problem showed up, but at one point over the winter I realized that hiking and service hours had to be entered separately and did a bunch. Maybe that’s when the issue started. Unlike the other thread, though, it is now a permanent event, which makes for a messy and confusing calendar!

@RebekahVerbeten - the game is afoot… I would most certainly go to and check back in August of 2021 but perhaps Donovan has some thing else.

Do all the events have same EventID in URL (I think it is EventID - it will be XXXXXID=#######)

There’s no event in advancements that matches the date the issue starts.

On August 14 2021 there are two events that show in the Pack calendar, one has editing options and all the other normal stuff (event 3711508, bottom listing that date), the other is the one causing issues (event 4209201, top listing, then all the following).

In Scoutbook this morning, while adding events from our annual planning meeting, I realized that the ‘perpetual’ activity is actually just for a year! It disappears after August 14, 2022! So whoever made the event must have messed with the year part of the date by accident. Though the When just says Sat Aug 14, 2021, 12am-11:59pm

So even if I don’t figure out how to get rid of it, there is an expiration date.

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