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Troop and Pack deactivation/Archive

I am the admin of a former LDS Troop and Pack. As well as an ASM of a non LDS sponsored Troop. I would like to “Archive” or deactivate the LDS Troop and Pack so they no longer show as active but are still accessible in the event one of the Scouts decides to rejoin so his records can carry over if needed. How can I do that without losing all of the advancement records for each boy?

I’m not exactly sure what the proper process is to “mothball/remove” a unit from Scoutbook. That said, the advancement records for each scout are retained in the system, so long as no one deletes their accounts. I would recommend that each parent of a current (or formerly current) scout be given a PDF copy of their scout’s Individual Advancement Record and Cub Scout History/Scouts BSA History reports. The first one is available to unit admins from My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Reports.

The former and latter reports are all available from the reports menu for each scout:

My Dashboard -> My Units -> Unit Roster -> Scout’s Name -> Reports

I have the Feature Assistant Extension running in my snapshots, but the referenced reports are all part of native Scoutbook.

Scout records are not removed from Scoutbook when their unit ceases to exist. If the Scout joins another unit, as long as the registrar uses the original BSA Member ID (preferred) or the same first name, last name and date of birth, the Scout will be connected to his/her old record.

BSA policy is that when a Scout is no longer a member of a unit, that the former unit loses access to the records. If you need access to his/her records, you can use the Scouts BSA History Report from the My Dashboard page and enter the Scout’s BSA Member ID and last name.

I am the former committee member/admin of our LDS sponsored troop. If you end the membership of the individual members (youth [first]/adults [second]) for that LDS unit. That will sever their connection to the unit. The units themselves will automatically be removed after two years from the end of their last recharter that expired on 31 December 2019.


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