Scoutbook access for LDS leaders after Dec 31

Will LDS leaders be able to access a Scout’s record after 12/31/19?
There may be some “housekeeping” to do for some scouts, regarding past campouts, service projects, hiking dates, etc.
Some scouts may transfer over to a new unit immediately, some may not.
How is all of this going to work after 12/31?

Typically there is a 60 day grace period between when charters expire and when access is revoked if not rechartered. I’ve not heard Anything otherwise for LDS units.

Hi Sully,

My best suggestion as you plan your troop’s closing, have the SM meet with each scout and have them make sure their scouting experience is recorded in their handbook, that the scout portion of all of his completed and partial blue cards are in his possession. A scout’s advancement should always be in his hands. Make sure he has a hardcopy of his council id and member id. Digital is just a back-up.

Unit copies of advancement should be filed neatly in CO’s archives.

District level leaders should also encourage any LDS counselors to remain registered and keep their copy of blue cards on file.

A 60 day grace period will pass quickly, so I wouldn’t tell a scout to count on that. Some boys might decide to get back into scouting a year or more from now. But you don’t know who they are, so just assume that you all won’t be able to help any scout once he transfers to a new troop.


Great advice Qwazse, thank you. I’ll spread the word to our District’s Unit Leaders.

Good to know jacobfetzer, thanks for the heads up.

Good advice above.

I would also recommend providing the Scout / parent(s) with copies of the Scout’s Individual Advancement Record (IAR), Cub Scout History Report, and Scouts BSA History Report. These reports are available as pdfs, so you could e-mail them to the Scouts / parents.

If they want copies of the Scout’s Service / Camping / Hiking logs, you can go to the main troop page and Export / Backup the logs, then sort / filter based on Scout. Or you can go to an individual Scout’s service / camping / hiking log, and there is a csv option.

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Jennifer -
Yes, super good advice too. I’m a big fan of Scoutbook and an even bigger fan of organized info.
Based on everyone’s excellent feedback, I think the Advancement Chair and I can come up with something very solid for our boys.


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