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IMPORTANT - What will happen to the LDS Scout records in Scoutbook?

Several LDS parents* are excitedly emailing me asking to join the troop TODAY!

Will their records live on in SB, so they can easily transfer into new troops, after Dec 31st?

Can I let them know that All is Well, and that we’ll work this out?

*Yes, these parents ignored my multiple emails asking them to start attending meetings and transfer in Oct / Nov / Dec… so no need to go there.

@MarkWestcott - no scout records as far as I am aware are never purged within scoutbook. The active membership may well end, and in many cases there will be a note that the scout does not match council records. Just my totally unofficial opinion.

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I had a similar question. Related to that, how long will the LDS units still show in Scoutbook to facilitate moving youth and leaders to new units, if applicable, as well as units that need to generate final purchase orders and advancement reports? Thanks

Youth stay on Charters for a 60 day grace period (I think) - So March 1 the scout MIGHT disappear from Scoutbook UNIT, but they would still be in Scoutbook, just not visible in the unit - you would look under My Connections at that point to find them.

Thank you. I will tell everyone that this isn’t a crisis… today.

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I would encourage folks to make sure they record the BSA ID for the scout if they can. Again, not a terminal issue if not done, but could make it easier to find a scout later to reconnect to a new unit. Also make sure parents are connected with good emails. That sort of thing.

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I’ve been telling them to have one of the Key 3 export all these reports to a safe place.

I can pull them in later, if needed.

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I assume you are not letting a good crisis go to waste! Get them signed up and transferred!


Believe it. 2 in the past 24 hours…

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When registering the Scout in a new unit make sure to write the Scout’s BSA Member ID on the application so the registrar does not generate a new one. If the BSA Member ID does not change, when the Scout is placed in the new unit the records will still be there and you will not have to do anything special.


Also, be careful when processing new applications this time of year. Make sure they aren’t processed before your recharter is. It will wipe them out.


In March, ask for an updated roster. I remembered one year I got one to account for all of the scouts on the recharter, plus all of sign-ups in January. It was very handy.
Is there a way to do this in SB?

The Scoutbook roster reflects all changes to the official roster. The issue is that recharter automatically removes any scouts who were not on it. If your council is paying attention, they should wait to process individual applications after recharter.

Veering slightly off topic - Let me ask a registration vs roster question.

Could not processing create an issue where Scouts are not registered because the LDS units didn’t recharter, leaving them not covered under BSA insurance, while participating in a troop?

Good question. Old school me operated under if I turned in the transfer application and got back a unit copy, that serves as proof paid. If it was a new member, the unit copy was proof that the scout was on my roster. No matter how badly HQ would screw up the paperwork.
But this had nothing to do with insurance fees (which was collected at the next recharter).

How do things work now?

If the are not registered at all, but are participating in a troop activity and are being “encouraged to become a registered Scout” they are covered. See below on health and safety GSS.

“Scouts and guests who are being encouraged to become registered Scouts and volunteers are automatically insured while in attendance at a scheduled activity.” From: https://www.scouting.org/health-and-safety/gss/gss10/

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Since “guests who are being encouraged to join” are covered, it has led us to have have potential scouts come on a campout to see if they like it. Both ended up joining within weeks of the “trial” campout.

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LDS-BSA Relationships Office

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for non-Scoutbook information
see https://www.latterdaysaintscouting.org/

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