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Troop calendar creation

Our troop does not have a troop calendar, only patrol calendars. How can I create a new calendar for the entire troop? Trying to create annual planning events and let everyone in the entire troop in on the details. Thanks for the direction and hope that I can get this resolved quickly.

A troop admin, key 3, committee secretary, or outdoor/activities chair can select the troop calendar when creating an event.

Creating an annual Troop planning calendar is a great tool, and a great way to get the Scouts engaged in longer-term planning, which is a really useful leadership tool.

What we try to do is take a day in December and do a joint planning workshop with the PLC and Troop Committee. We spend a couple hours in the morning doing team-building stuff, mixing up the PLC members and Committee members, then let the Scouts brainstorm ideas for the coming year. In the afternoon, we translate the brainstormed ideas into events and start populating the calendar.

We have an adult patrol set up in Scoutbook, and that patrol’s calendar has things that are important during planning, but shouldn’t spam the main calendar (school events, charter org events, holidays, etc.). A lesson we learned during the coronapocalypse is that the planned events are going into this calendar for 2021, and they won’t move onto the Troop calendar until we confirm we’re actually going to be able to do them… That should make the Troop calendar more accurate for families when they subscribe to it (our 2020 Troop calendar is full of events that we wanted to do, but could not), and also, this time next year we can see side-by-side what we planned vs. what we accomplished.

Thanks for the input so far. I am a knuckle head. I simply had to click on the gear icon on the ‘my calendar’ view to then click on the individual calendar to add it. Sometimes I have too may calendars open between the pack and the troop! I thought somehow the tool was missing a calendar. Happy holidaze…

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