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Troop Committee Chair Learning Plan Not Completing

I have completed both the submodules required for Committee Chair, but the main module claims that I am 55% complete. If I choose Resume on the main module, I still only see the two submodules at 100% complete.

About a year ago, I also ran into the same problem with a training module I had complete but the system only showed partial. I ended to retaking the retaking the stalled course from the beginning. :frowning: In my case I think I was interrupted a few times and must have left the course before it reached a save point, when I came back the system showed 100% on the submodules but incomplete on the main. You should be able to ID the errant submodule by trying to print the certificate. They “print” as a PDF which then you then would send to your printer to actually print. You don’t need to waste paper printing them, just allow the system to generate the PDF. If the module is stalled this might clear it(?) but if it doesn’t generate the certificate, it’s likely that module.

The position trained required courses are listed here. It looks like you’ve completed all of them to me based on your screen captures.

Recommend you try @DavidProvenzano’s solution, and if that doesn’t clear it up reach out to your district training committee. They should have the ability to mark you off as trained.

Paul, I know this may sound odd but have you completed all mods. for Troop Committee and YPT parts.

Another way to check what modules the system thinks you have completed is to use the BSA’s Training Validation tool.

Find the tool at My.Scouting > Menu > BSA Web Links > Training Validation. Choose all training, change search to Member ID, enter your BSA ID#, and search. This will show you all your training the system is giving you credit for.

Thank you for your reply. I’d like to try it, but have one more question. Where is the print option? :slight_smile: