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Troop Meeting attendees

By default, Troop Committee members are invited to all Troop meetings. But—although they may be welcome—Committee members are in no way expected to attend Troop meetings. Is there a way to change this?

@JSyler What are you looking to change?

You cannot change the default attendee list for a meeting type, but you can manually remove attendees from meetings.

If you’re using the Feature Assistant Extension to create recurring meetings, then the modified attendee list will be copied for all the repeats of the meeting.

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I would like Committee members not to show up on the Invitee list for Troop meetings, since they’re not expected to be there in most cases.

As @SteveCagigas stated you can go in and manually remove them from each event. As a committee member for a troop myself I like being invited and included in the meetings even though im not expected to be there. As a committee member seeing myself not invited to a troop event is kind of off putting. I think you should continue to have the committee members invited to the troop meetings as they are crucial for boards of review and other functions of the troop.

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To be honest, we only have two or three committee members that no longer have Scouts in our troop, so even if they didn’t need to get the invites as committee members, they still need the invites as parents.

… Otherwise, there won’t be many Scouts at the meeting, since only two of our guys even have their learners permits yet…

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That’s a good point. It just messes up my % Attended when they don’t come :slight_smile:

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You can remove all those who did not attend from the invitees after the meeting. Then only the committee members who attended are counted. Of course, this will inflate your attendance percentage.

Other than for your records does the attendance percentage count for anything? Im not sure weather or not it counts for JTE?

It does not count for JTE.

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It may be silly, but you might want to ask the committee if they would like to be invited even though they are not expected to come? Like Jeremy said, I think I would be a little offended if I wasn’t invited to the meetings.

I’ve never used attendance in SB since it didn’t automatically log the achievements (for cubs), so I really didn’t see much point. I can see the attendance for scout records, but do you actually use the percentage for anything? Maybe trying to track involvement trends or something?

Honestly, this was just my anal-retentiveness. It’s not that I want to ensure 100% attendance for every meeting, but it’s a handy quick-look to see how many people didn’t make it.

To be honest, for Troop meetings, I really want it only to reflect what percentage of Scouts were there.

It would be handy if it could show % of Scouts, % of Leaders, and % of Parents.

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I know that’s a longstanding feature enhancement request for the calendar. Hopefully it makes it into the first release of the revised calendar interface (whenever that comes out).

That would be perfect and solve all my problems.

I see you mentioned a troop meeting. Are you able to set a reoccurring meeting?

@BrianNelson2 If you use the Feature Assistant Extension for Scoutbook, you can set up recurring events.


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