Troop Roster NOT loading - Error

For the last several weeks, perhaps even months, when choosing “Troop Roster” often times the request will time out or respond with an error. With a troop of over 100 scouts and 13 patrols, it is very time-consuming to choose the Patrol Roster option to find the scout (also often times I do not have the scouts patrol name handy). This is so frustrating. I am trying to get information for our district advancement person and for the last 2 days the troop roster will not load.

If you are looking for advancement information, is there a reason to use the roster rather than using Report Builder to generate a custom advancement report?

Report Builder is available under Scoutbook → My Dashboard → Administration → My Units → Troop ### → Troop Reports.

You will likely need to specify what information you’re looking for, but depending on what it is, you may even be able to save and reuse the report format to pull this information for the district advancement personnel in the future.

It has gotten a bit better over the last 5 days, but with 69 cubs, I have been in the same boat. As @CharleyHamilton says, I have tried to get the data elsewhere, but some it is just so easy to go to the roster view.

This tells you the need for the transition to the other platform.

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But the new platform doesn’t have the little link logos and doesn’t show the parents at the clicking a gear. It really is a nice view… when it works. I guess that is your point.

I appreciate the suggestion for using the report builder feature. Our troop has a lot of frustration with building reports that are useful. We have both been with the troop and using SB for 5+ years so not newbies to the platform.

I like being able to look at a Scout and review different parts of their scouting. I like the format of SB rather than a report. In the past, this was a quick and easy way to get information about a particular scout.

Our troop has to maintain many excel documents to track other information about our scouts as SB either does not track or provide the information we need or its not reliable on reporting. With over 100 scouts, Advancement is a huge task and as a volunteer I need something that doesn’t take so much of my time and frustration. I appreciate the ability to enter advancement and the information it tracks, however I need it to do more than a smaller troop might require.

I just need the Troop Roster to work and not time out with an error message. I am not sure why it has been having issues recently and hope they are working to fix it…

Agree with not seeing the link logos.

I don’t mean to be negative here - SB is great at what it is good at. I am just a little frustrated recently with the amount of time it takes me to get basic info.

The developers are looking into it. We do not know when they will have a solution, though.

@jacobfetzer Thank you! I appreciate the reply. I know everyone is working hard to make improvements to the system and to help it be more efficient. I look forward to the Troop Roster function working in the future!

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Pam. I have the same problem with my troop (85 boys 57 leaders). Using the patrol is much faster but I don’t always remember the patrol, so it can be time consuming. I use Google Chrome for most of my web work and I do get “error loading page” if the search takes longer than 60 seconds (which appears to be the default timeout). I have found that Microsoft Edge browser works a little better and doesn’t timeout. I also noticed that clearing the browser data also helps with timeouts.

I am having the same problem with Troop Roster (~90 scouts / 20+ leaders). There are a number of features in scoutbook that used to just work. I cannot tell you how many complaints I keep hearing.

Thank you for the suggestion to use Microsoft Edge and for clearing browser data. I will give that a try!

There are a lot of complaints. I have talked to two other troops that use Scoutbook PLUS another advancement system. Does anyone else use 2 systems? If so, which ones and what do you use it for. We currently use google docs to store spreadsheets with other data that we are unable to get from SB.

Lots of troops use TroopWebHost, which gives you more control over your data. The problem is that there can be issues if the data is not uploaded to internet advancement correctly.

I encouraged our troop to move from troopwebhost to scoutbook, and now I’m thinking that was a mistake. I waste so much time now.

My other troop keeps a separate database of email addresses, but it is much smaller.

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