Two accounts with the same email address

I have two scout book accounts using the same email. Is there I way I can have these merged or one deleted?


You have 2 IDs, both logged in today. Which do you want to keep? The one that uses your e-mail address or the one that is not an e-mail address. I can make either work.

Are you now located in Pine Tree Council?

Hi, I will keep the one that logs in as Jsorensen instead of an email address. So Iā€™m in the process of becoming a leader in our cubs group which is in Katahdin council. My oldest son is in the troop which is with pine tree council. So I believe my account should say katahdin.
Thank you


I have merged your accounts. Use Jsorensen to log in to both and Scoutbook.

When it is time to renew your son with first initial B you will need to go into Manage Member ID in and change your primary BSA Member ID (MID) to the one that starts with 132 then after processing his renewal switch the MID back to the one that starts with 133. Do not log in to Scoutbook with the 132 MID set as primary as this will generate another ID.

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