Two Established Leaders Not Showing Up


I have two leaders that have been with my Pack for a bit, but are not showing in either ScoutBook or under recharter (we use TroopTrack for day-to-day Pack management). The leaders are as follows:

(name removed by Moderator): MemberID 13748570

(name removed by Moderator): MemberID 136958559

I have attempted to invite them and do not have access to Member Manager or similar tools to bring them aboard. My Pack information is as follows:

Pack 0148 Atonement Lutheran Church

Suncoast District 04

Greater Tampa Bay Area Council

Please advise.

@RichardCram These adults are not registered adult leaders.

It looks like they were previously Tiger Adult Partners. However, Lion and Tiger Adult Partners are not considered registered adult leaders by the BSA (YPT not required, not approved by COR, no criminal background check, etc.).

As the pack’s Committee Chair, you should be able to access the pack’s official Roster at my.scouting.


Thank you, I reached out to Council Field Director, and it looks like we may have some mixed up or unprocessed applications.

Which makes sense. Thanks for looking at it as I cannot see them at all.

What used to be called the “Member Manager” is now called the “Roster” at my.scouting.

I think DM might have a second BSA member number 13354100, but I’m not 100%. The name and DOB match, but the address and e-mail are different.

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