Two Scouts (same name) merged accounts issue


I have a situation where a new scout joined a different council, with the same first/last name & DOB as our existing scout. After that happened, our scouts SBID was associated with the other scout’s BSAID. So, the SB profile has our scout’s picture, advancement / award info, connections, but profile information has been changed to the other scout (middle name, address, council, phone #, etc).

The registrar from the other council asked for our cubmaster to disconnect our scout from SB and reconnect with the correct BSAID… but I don’t know how to do that.

Our Scout -Pack 685:

SB ID: 11893713
BSAID: 137313309

Pack 606’s Henry:

BSAID: 14606127 (<— currently associated with SBID 11893713)

Can someone help me out with their voodoo magic?

Second issue:
I stupidly created a new SB account for a Henry, trying to troubleshoot this thing. It needs to be deleted to avoid future confusion [SB User ID: 12827076]

Thanks in advance for any help,

OK @DavidAnderson06 this is turned in for a fix

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