Two Yellow Triangles and a Few Missing UserID's in MSC


So I am having the following issues - hope you can help:

Yellow Triangles:
BSA ID: 13846949 and 137280324

UserID missing in IA:
132182464, 132182410, 135845686

Compared against the roster in IA - all seem right. Interested in knowing what went wrong.

Appreciate your support and help. Thanks in advance.


@Tzonarin on the first set what unit are they supposed to be in?

On second set are those UserIDs or BSA#s? Do you get an error saying no UserID or something?

Hey Donovan: Troop 2, Colorado Springs - UnitID=25062

All sets are the BSA ID#

Sorry for the ambiguity.


@Tzonarin ok the First MID - there is no SB User with that MID - But I see 3 dupes of the user - with current one I think in Council 060 - Troop 2? - MID=136513077

@Tzonarin first set - second BSA # I think is wrong - please check

I found the right BSA # for set 1 #2 - set 1 is fixed

I’m seeing they’re all sorted, except this one:

Refreshed, still no joy.

@Tzonarin you are not explaining the issue well enough for me to understand - that scout looks fine

I think we just saw the issue - check again

Looks like we are all sorted now - many thanks. Sorry for the ambiguity, but appreciate your support. /r

@Tzonarin on the UserID - often a unapprove membership > Save > reapprove - in scoutbook fixes that

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Perfect - Will remember that for any future issues. Thanks so much for that. Darned quick on the return - so even better!


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