Existing User Search under Add a Leader Not Working

I have a parent who submitted her application, paid her dues & completed YPT months ago. She has a parent Scoutbook account, and is linked to her son. But she is not coming up in the Existing User search when I try to add her as a leader - not by BSA number, name, email address. Nothing is pulling her up. She is taking on the position of Den Leader. Is there something wrong with the search engine? Or am I doing something incorrectly? I didn’t think I needed to call Council over this but do they actually need to be the ones to add her as a leader? Thank you!

Get her registered as a leader in your unit and she will automatically come into the unit. It is best to do it that way to avoid duplication.

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If it is a unit position - a Key 3 can look at Real Official roster at my.scouting.org

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There is a known issue with the adult search in Scoutbook. The developers are working on it but we do not know when it will be resolved.

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I understand from the last time that this issue was raised that this is a known issue and being worked. Do you have any updates?

We are changing patrols around and would like to assign adult leaders as Patrol ASMS and admins. All of the leaders are, in fact, on our roster properly. However, they remain unfindable as an existing user.

Is this fix coming in the near future?

you cannot find people in your own unit. You go to roster and click them to modify leadership


IS there a way to add a parent to a Scout? Or is that council as well?


Parents can connect themselves to their scout (in Scoutbook) with the right information. I recently posted instructions on how to do so here: Unable to connect Scout with MB Counselor - #36 by CharleyHamilton

I do not believe parents can do anything (independently) that would connect them to the scout in the Akela database. I believe that has to be done by someone with access to the registrar’s tools, usually your council registrar.

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