Cannot add parent as an assistant den leader

I tried to add an existing parent in Scoutbook as an assistant den leader. He cannot be found when I look up his name or email address.

I am also having this same problem with an adult leader in our Troop. I have a BSA ID but it won’t pull up a name or address when I search for him. I’m following this post hopefully for some resolution.

I just tested this and found that name with email found the existing adult.

I would take a look at the parent’s Scoutbook account to check that the BSA ID matches the BSA ID in your official roster at I believe that Scoutbook is now preventing adults who are not registered from being added as leaders. If the BSA IDs don’t match, that likely is preventing the look up from returning the adult.

Charley is correct. Adults who are not registered with the BSA cannot be added as leaders in Scoutbook.

There is also a known issue when searching by name. Search either by BSA Member ID or e-mail address is working. A fix for the search by name issue is in final test.


Thanks. The adult is not registered yet. Thanks everyone.

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