Unable to advance dens

As Key3 Delegate I am not able to advance dens.
Not able to advance the Web1s to AOL.
Was able to advance Bear 1 to Web 2 (will change the den# after Web1 become AOL)
Reluctant to try the other dens until I get these fixed. Yes we need all dens advanced except Web3 as they are scouts that did not bridge to the troop and are not continuing in scouts.

How can we make a “den” to move scouts to when they no longer are attending and have decided to drop? Leaders would like the option of creating a den to move them out of their dens. Or is this to just unassign their den?

Thank you

Was also not able to advance the Wolf Den to Bear which is the other print screen

@TammieZemler - are you certain that you have chosen the role of cor delegate from the dropdown in the upper right of advancements.scouting.org?


Try a hard reset (SHIFT + RESET) or logging in to an incognito window. You may have a cache issue.

Your account looks OK but I found 2 old BSA Member IDs with your name with an address in Kansas. Is this you? If so, I’ll manage the IDs so these do not cause issues in the future.

No those KS IDs are from the so long ago. I’ll give it a try later today.


I do not understand your answer. Do the KS IDs belong to you, even if they are old?

Maybe. I was in heart of America council for several years.

I dont have any options with the right side drop down. It doesn’t say you have to be COR delegate. I am Unit Key3 Delegate.


@TammieZemler - click on where the unit type and number is displayed to the left of the person icon.




Please try in an incognito window in your browser to eliminate any cache or extension issues.

Today I was able to advance all of my dens.

What is your recommendations of were to move cubs to from active dens to non active to make the job easier for the DLs?


Moving inactive Scouts to an inactive den is a good idea.

but how do you do that in IA? Are you able to add any level cub to any level den? If we were to use Web3 has an option like we did in SB will that work to add a Lion or any other rank to it?

just make a new den of any level and add the scouts you want to it

fabulous that worked. Thanks

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