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Unable to Advance Returning Cub Scout

I have a Scout who recently rejoined Scouts after a brief hiatus. He is a Webelos II (5th grader) working on his AOL requirements, but he skipped his Bear year and did not earn Bear. In Scoutbook, it shows he is working on his Bear and does not show any of his AOL requirements. As a result, I am unable to record any of the Webelos/AOL adventures that he’s earning.
Any ideas on how to fix this?
Ken W., Cubmaster

I would start by checking the scout’s memberships to see whether or not he is still listed with an active membership in a Bear den. If so, you have to end the Bear den membership, since that will prevent advancement at the Webelos/AoL level.

Awesome! That worked. I never thought to look at his membership status. Thank you.

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