Unable to change Date Joined Scouts BSA in Safari

I was unable to change the date joined Scouts BSA for my son using Safari. I got the message that “Editing restricted to admins and parent/guardians.” of which I am both.

My BSA number is 130678134.

When I switched to Chrome, I was able to change the date, although I still got the same mouseover text.

I have seen a few people having this problem, maybe this will help.

@GarrettGreen - that is an informational notice on who can make that change. As far as safari… i would not recommend using it for any scouting.org resources.

@Stephen_Hornak Thanks for clarifying the message. When I couldn’t edit, it made me think the informational message was related to not editing. Since it doesn’t work on 35% of the browser market, I would still tend to view this as a bug. Appreciate the workaround suggestion.

@GarrettGreen - what is the bug then… just so thst is clarified

Only Chrome is supported. So, while it usually works well for me on iPhone Safari, it isn’t considered a bug if it didn’t.

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It may make sense to update this help article if Chrome is the only browser supported.

@GarrettGreen - i would agree that help doc needs an edit. In fact that reads like it was from before BSA purchased scoutbook

The screen shot is from Internet Advancement, not Scoutbook. Date Joined is changed via IA, not SB.

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Internet Advancement supports most modern browsers. The current version of Safari is supported.

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Very good to hear. Scoutbook, though, still Chrome
Only? It has been clear, that my.scouting is only Chrome?

Scoutbook and my.scouting support the current versions of Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox
Online training recommends Chrome or Edge

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