Not allowing me to update "Date Joined Scouts BSA"

I have tried to update the date for my son and other scouts for the OA Report. It did permit me to update the date for one of the scouts, so I knew it was working.

My BSA ID is 135434784

What are the BSA member numbers for the Scouts that you cannot update?

@SaraWarren Your son’s address did not match, so I requested a sync between the databases.

Could you try again?

I just tried again, and same thing. I click on the date and there is a cancel and save button, but no field to enter the date. it just isn’t showing up.

@SaraWarren OK, could you please try one more time with your son?

I still have the tan bar with cancel and save, but no option for date

I got it to work by going through the roster.

@SaraWarren Not related, but something else I noticed is that your son has 2 open Den Chief positions. Are they with the same pack or different packs?

same pack. we had a problem because we were following old instructions. the one that started at summer day camp is the correct one

@SaraWarren OK, I would recommend that you put an end date on the one with the wrong/incorrect dates. If you use the same start date and end date, then it should have a total of 0 days.