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Parent Can't Access Activity Log

I can log into the activity log in my son’s account, but because I am a Troop Admin, I can not log in on my account. It says I don’t have permission, even if I am trying to access my son’s account. I can get in under my husband’s account as well, so there appears to be a problem if you are an admin, but not a key 3.

It also takes forever to log in.


I have been told by the developers that all parents now have access to their Scout’s activity logs. Are you connected to your son as a parent in Scoutbook? Please try again.

Currently only Key 3, Key 3 Delegates and Unit Advancement Chairs have access to log data for Scouts that are not their children. We have an item in the backlog to extend this to unit leaders and admins.

Send email to Scoutbook.support@scouting.org - Title: Activities Log
Include your Information (including Scout’s name), BSA #, Council, District and unit type and number
Include a description of the problem you are having

I can confirm that parents can now see activity logs in both Scouting app (iOS) and through IA2 (as I am connected to my son and could not log into IA2 before as I lost my Key3D access with re-charter and now can login again, but only see him).

Hi Ed,

I am a troop admin and my account is both a parent account and a troop admin. I find I have no access to the logs on my account but have access on my son’s account. How do I fix this? I am the person that would enter information about Troop Events on Scoutbook.

Lisa Olsen

@LisaOlsen, you need to be a Key 3 or made a Key3 Delegate or advancement chair under the My.Scouting security manager. Only Key 3 have access to add Key 3 delegate or advancement chair within the security manager.

@LisaOlsen Send email to Scoutbook.support@scouting.org - Title: Activities Log
Include your Information (including Scout’s name), BSA #, Council, District and unit type and number
Include a description of the problem you are having

I am 100% not able to even access my own activity log, let alone my kids’, or any of the scouts in my unit (and I’m a unit admin). Something is clearly still not right.

That makes absolutely zero sense. So scouts can no longer record their own time? As an adult I can no longer record my own activities? I can see needing someone to approve them, but forcing all the logging to go through that role…makes absolutely no sense at all. If kids can update their advancements, why not their activities?

@PaulHoeffer, supposedly adults will still be able to enter their logs (not sure when and how), but this new way was in response to many,many, many requests seen on this forum for the ability to create and enter events/hours for both youth and adults at one time within a unit (which was not possible until now).

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@DonovanMcNeil, just to clarify, are you indicating that the Troop/Pack admin role in ScoutBook should have rights to approve and enter unit logs in IA2, or is it still K3, K3D, and advancement chair as set in My.Scouting security manager (not talking parent access).

Scoutbook Admin has no rights in IA2 at the current time unless they are K3, K3D or UAC - BUT all parents should be able to get in and see their scout - if they cannot they need to send email as instructed

That’s what I thought I understood. Lisa’s question seems to follow more Unit entry than personal family entry if I read her original post correctly (which would be the K3, K3D and UAC issue potentially)

So I actually can not access my own son via my account because I am listed as a Troop admin. If I log in as my husband or son I can access it, but not through my own account as I am tied in as a Troop Admin and I am being blocked.


On your connection to your son, is the Parent/Guardian check box checked?

Yes, I had access to it for years until the upgrade on Weds.

Thanks Lisa. The developers are working on the issue. We will post in the change log when a fix is released.

I should say, I can log in and access my son in scoutbook, but can not access him via the new activity log. That is where I get blocked.

If you cannot access your Scout’s logs, please send an e-mail to scoutbook.support@scouting.org with your name, Scoutbook login ID, Scout’s name, unit and council.

You will receive an automated reply with an SSD number in the subject. Please post that SSD number here.

I just found that if I browse directly to https://scoutbook.scouting.org and login w/ my scouting.org credentials, I can indeed see my son’s camping and hiking logs. However, if I try to access them from Scoutbook (https://scoutbook.com, not at all confusing…) I am redirected to IA (https://scoutbook.scouting.org) but see the message that I am not authorized.

In summary, yes it seems that parents have access, but only if they know to browse directly to IA.

It’s also worth noting that even when I log in directly to IA, while I can see my son’s activities, it seems that my activities are still lost. The activities “widget” isn’t displayed for me. I had logged activities as well in Scoutbook.