New Activity Logs Troop Scout and Adult Selection Limitations

Attempted to create a Camping Activity Log after the event occurred, without an Event already existing in the IA Calendar (We use Sign Up Genius for notification and RSVP purposes), however as an ASM I was unable to select all participants. My selection was limited to only the patrol that I was the Patrol Admin for. Our Troop Admin, granted me access as a Patrol Admin for all patrols, which allowed me to see all Scouts to be able to add them to the new Activity Log, however I was unable to add all of the Adults that attended. I had to be elevated to Troop Admin to be able to access everyone in the Troop to properly associate them with the New Activity Log. Is this a known issue and is there plans to address the permission restrictions and or create new permission roles that can be granted to Adult Leaders to help manage Activity Logs?

That is how security works - the access you have in Scoutbook is matched

We have requested a separate calendar editor role, but we do not know if or when it might be implemented.

One of our other ASM’s said that before the migration to the IA Calender, an ASM could create an Activity Log for anyone in the Troop without needing specific access to a scout or adult. Understood that the goal is security, but there needs to be a role that we can grant then to allow proper access without having someone like myself have to be a Troop Admin, just to create Activity Logs. Its not security if I have to have excessive rights to do a simple task.

Understood, thank you. That would solve this issue and allow all of our ASM’s to go back to being able to manage events without making everyone Troop Admins.

I agree. Until an update a few weeks ago, I had access to add scouts to Activities in logs, and was the person in our unit designated to manage that. I can still create the activities but can no longer add scouts. it shouldn’t require admin-level permissions to IA in order to manage that.

Our Troop granted certain ASMs the “Unit Outdoors/Activity Chair” position in Scoutbook and that allowed them to edit the calendar. Thoughts?

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That sounds better than Troop Admin. I’m not very familiar with what the different roles grant. What else does that position grant?

In Scoutbook, it granted the ability to edit the calendar. However, permissions at Internet Advancement work differently.

We have requested a separate calendar editor role, but we do not know when or if it might be implemented.

These are the references for each calendar. But specific functionality details of differences between the two would be helpful.

Ref: Scoutbook Using Scoutbook Calendars (SB) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base
Ref IA Calendar Using Internet Advancement Calendar (IA) - Scoutbook Knowledge Base

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Our Troop granted certain ASMs the “Unit Outdoors/Activity Chair” position in Scoutbook and that allowed them to edit the calendar. Thoughts?

This is exactly what I had to do in my troop. It certainly would be helpful to have a list of accessible features for each level of permission level.

@JaphetWoolston @SteveTerry I tried granting one of our ASM’s the Unit Outdoors / Activity Chair position, however he is still unable to see anyone in IA when creating a new Activity Log. He is only an ASM and Unit Outdoor chair in Scoutbook. Are there any other positions that your ASM’s have that maybe I need to try adding? Maybe he has to also be a patrol admin for at least one patrol?

@DavidCross could you provide that ASM’s bsa member number (no names please)?

Sure no problem. 14861025

I’m only a newbie. This may help: > Web Links > IA 2.0 > Head and shoulder icon > Help > A chart pops up first thing

@DavidCross I reported this to the developers a few days ago. We do not know when or how this will be addressed.

I confirmed with a second ASM that having the ASM, Unit Outdoor/Activity Chair, and Patrol Admin roles are not sufficient to create Activity Log entries in IA. Is this the issue that you reported to the developers or something else that was discovered?

@DavidCross what is the other ASM’s bsa member number (no names)?

This is not security, nor matching Scoutbook access, it is faulty programming that needs to be fixed ASAP. I’m a den leader in a Cub Scout Pack, and, of course, also a Pack parent. This means in Scoutbook I have access to everyone in my den, as well as all my children (I have two other kids in the Pack not in my den). Prior to just a few weeks ago I could go in and both view and add activities for all of my den and all of my family. Then it suddenly changed to just my den, then it changed again to having no access to view or add activity for ANYONE.

Something is seriously wrong with the program all of a sudden. I’m assuming this is caused by a recent upgrade that wasn’t fully beta tested before it went live. With that being the case you should immediately put the old version back online until you find out what is causing the issues with the new version. Only after thorough testing of the new version to ensure it works properly should it be brought back online itself.


The last time Scoutbook is reporting you logging in was 3/4/24. You are still listed as a den admin and connected to both your children and den members. Your ID is the first name of your oldest Scout follwed by dad. Is this the ID you are using?