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Unable to delete activity log entry

The bug with deleting individual activity log entries that were mistakenly approved doesn’t seem to have been fixed yet, and now I’ve found a new one with an odd twist. It’s a pack service log entry with no listed participants, nor a button to add any. Attempting to delete it returns a pop-up with the following error:

Illegal character in path at index 82: https://coreapipd.netbsa.org:443/api/activities/6215667/collaborative-org-details/{collabOrgDetailsId}

Has anyone else encountered one like this?

Out of curiosity, are there any non-alphanumeric characters in the event title or data? That seems like a potential cause, given the “illegal character” error.

ETA: In particular, I would check in the collaborating organization name.

Why does netbsa remind me of the scoutnet internal login system. I do not recall any errors pointing to that domain name.

Not that error, but still waiting on the deleting activity log entry issue to be fixed. Below is a link to my post about that in a different topic.

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Thank you for the replies. There’s nothing in the title or data that is not alphanumeric, and there isn’t any collaborating org information included; there’s not even a dropdown to select from.

The thread Mark started about this problem was from last April, and I know there were earlier posts about it too. It would be nice to see it get fixed.

Wholeheartedly agree! I also would love to see this issue resolved!!

It’s a new year, so perhaps it’s on their resolution list. =)

I have been having the same issue. I’m the Comm Chair and have been going back and making all the log entries as far back as 2018 into “group” camping nights - part of that is a hope that this will get the JTE counter to start working for us, but also for completeness. Our poor SM had inputted many of these campouts, but not all, so I have individuals with double the camping nights in the log. We’re working towards that camping and hiking award, but not being able to delete is ridiculous. I am Key 3, and all the discussions I’ve read say I should be able to do this. I even tried deleting the nights and days to no avail. Any ideas?

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