Unable to Download Membership Card

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Thank you!)
I went to my.scouting/my Profile. In the Registrations Section and pushed the “Download Membership Card” button; received message in a box “Select positions for your membership cards to be downloaded and printed.” with only the Cnacel button active , the Download button is greyed out; so I cancel and attempt to click and/or (double click) in any of my several positions (I am COR & IH for 3 units and a “District Member-at Large” for the District). all of them have an expire date of 12/31/21.
When I go to Internet Advancement/ Recharter Two of my units show the cub scout with “Posted”, “Recharter is already approved”. The other shows the cub scout with “On Hold”, “Recharter is waiting for Approval”
So I expect that this may be due to recharter not being fully processed at council.
Is this expected?
Any thoughts?
Thanks Mike


All of your current registrations have a 12/31/21 end date. I suspect your recharters for 2022 have not been posted, thus you can’t print new membership cards.