Unable to edit a profile of a scout

For one of our scouts, myself and other leaders are unable to edit the Boy Scout start date for a specific scout. We receive the error Logged in user does not have access to the API. We are looking for guidance on how we have this resolved so this scout’s profile can be updated.

Please provide the scout’s bsa member number (no names).

@MarySontag-Earnshaw What is the Scout’s BSA member numer?

(No names, please.)

@JenniferOlinger his BSA #: 135594938.

@MarySontag-Earnshaw The issue is that BSA #135594938 belongs to Chester County Council. He should be registered under BSA #13724310, which belongs to Cradle of Liberty Council.

Unfortunately, this is not something that we can fix. You will need to contact your local council Registrar for assistance.

Thank you for the help, this should help us resolve the issue.

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