Unable to Edit/Delete Event

I created an event from the District (my user permissions are Pack Admin) which was cancelled. However, when I open the event I can no longer edit it to delete the event since the Edit button does not appear. The Edit button appears for all of the other events I tried but for some reason does not appear for the one I selected.


When you created the event did you add it to the calendar of multiple units?

If you did, then you must have calendar edit permissions in every unit where the event appears in order to edit it. This means you must be a unit admin, outdoor activities chair or committee secretary.

Yes, it was created for the Pack so I had and still have Pack/Unit Admin permissions.

Go to your pack roster. Do you still see pack admin under your name? If so, click your name, click the pack admin role, and click update.

Yes, these are the roles I have had: Pack Admin, Key 3 Delegate, Committee Chairman, Committee Member

Did you click update on it? It has to be from the pack roster page not via your positions page.

It’s not clear to me what your answer to this was.

I clicked update from the roster page and did create this as a Pack event.

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