Unable to enter camping nights for Philmont Trek in Internet Advancement

I am unable to enter camping nights for a Philmont Trek. Two adults and one youth from our Troop combined with another Troop for a June Trek. One adult had to leave the Trek for medical reasons, so after creating the Event I use the Advanced Tab to enter different number of days and nights for the one adult and the same number of nights and days for the other adult and youth. I enter all information and then get an error when trying to save—the error has no explanation as to the problem. The only thing I can think of is that perhaps the system does not want to accept camping nights with two adults and one child because of Youth Protection requirement, but since the rest of the crew is with a different Troop and entered separately, I cannot figure out the problem Any thoughts?

@RobertNull - can you post a screenshot of the error as a point of reference and to help track the issue.

This is a good point. I have a crew heading to the ranch now and I told the scouts to keep track of each day as I want to update their records when they get home.


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I can’t attach the screen shot, but the error simply states “! Error An error occurred while processing the request”


Your Unit Advancement Chair role ended on February 28, 2021. You are only registered as a Committee Member. We have requested a list of what positions and roles can do what in Internet Advancement but I believe your current role does not permit you to enter activity logs.

That’s odd, because I am still Advancement Chair and have been entering other updates in Scoutbook as well as Internet Advancement since 2/28/21. I entered hiking miles and service hours in Internet Advancement yesterday and had no problem. Its only the camping entry that give me the error.


According to Akela, the BSA’s person database, your Advancement Chair role has ended. You need to get a Key 3 member to log into my.scouting.org to add it back for you.

As of Wed night’s update: Unit Leaders and assistant unit leaders, Unit Key 3, Unit Advancement Chairs, and Key 3 Delegates are each invited to create and approve unit activities, each containing many participants. Reports are available for providing quick summaries of unit and individual progress over time. Learn More


That has been changed and I’m still getting the error. I’m able to enter everything else but cannot add individuals to the camping event I created.

I figured out a way to work around my issue. I simply deleted the event I created, created another exact same event, and was able to add individual participants with no problems. I have no idea what the issue was, but at least for now I was able to enter the participants so they get credit. Thanks to those who tried to assist.

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@RobertNull - glad that worked and indeed sometimes that is a good plan. Start from the beginning.

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