Unable to fill out Adult Volunteer application

I have an adult who has been trying to fill out the volunteer application in my.scouting. His name is automatically listed but it keeps giving him an error “Leading or trailing whitespaces are not allowed”, he is not able to click in the box to change anything.

He does have 2 member id’s so I wasn’t sure if perhaps that is causing some issues.
He says that 14453187 is correct & 140251947 is the duplicate.

Thanks again for your help!
Angela Rose

Make sure he is trying to log in with the my.scouting.org ID that is NOT his e-mail address. The account that is his e-mail address does not have a date of birth so that could be causing the probelm.

Is there a way to just delete the one that doesn’t have his DOB?

I have merged the two accounts. He needs to log in to my.scouting.org and Scoutbook with the ID that is the part of his e-mail address before the @

I will relay this to him. Thank you so much for your help!

I am having the same issue - tried on 3 different computers and different browsers and really want to start the background check so I can help with my daughters assistant den leader role. Can some please help me???

Not sure if you will get my reply to the chain or if I have to send you a message directly