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Unable to generate any reports

I’m the Advancement Chairman for my Troop. I am a Troop Admin on Scoutbook as well as on Internet Advancement. As of today, I am unable to run any type of report for my unit. When I click on Troop Reports to see what needs to be approved, I get a little yellow box that says No Reports Available. If I click on Reports button for any Scout, including my own son, I get the same yellow box stating No Reports Available. What’s going on?

@ChristineO_Brien - could you have a unit key 3 verify your functional roles is set in my.scouting.org > Organizational Security Manager. While there they can also check for the Charter expiration date.

I noticed the same thing this morning while checking to see if Scoutbook roster was updated after charter renewal. At 1:50 PM Eastern Standard time the report menu was functional, at least for me. Still waiting for Scoutbook roster to be updated to be consistent with my.Scouting.org Roster. It’s been about a week.

Possibly related to outages reported at: BSA IT Outages - #2

There is a grace period, so if you don’t want to wait you can:

  • Go to your unit Roster page in Scoutbook, click on the names of any adults who are no longer leaders with your unit then click on: “Positions and Roles”, and add a Date Ended.
  • On the unit Roster page in Scoutbook , click on the “Clean Old Connections” button
  • For Scouts, go to their Scout’s Membership page, click on their Current Membership, make sure the box is checked next to Position Approved, and add a “Date Ended”.
  • Click on the “Clean Old Connections” button again to clear any lingering connections.

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