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I am a parent that was recently promoted to a Den leader. I have a my.scouting.org account which seemed to work fine when logging into Scoutbook but since I have been promoted, I am now unable to log into scoutbook. Is there someone that can please look into this for me?

It sounds like you may have two Scoutbook accounts.

When you say you were “promoted” to Den Leader, I assume that means your unit submitted registration (either paper or online) to your council? Sometimes that generates a second BSA ID number, particularly if the existing BSA ID isn’t included on the adult application sent to council.

Can you post your BSA ID, and the folks from the Scoutbook User Advisory Council can take a look to see what’s going on under the hood.

Yes that is correct - my registration was submitted to our council. I am unsure if a second BSA ID was created, but if it was, I would prefer to only have 1 account.

If I look at my profile on my.scouting.org it says that my “Member ID” is 13657344

@MichaelKlemens how are you trying to login? your email or your my.scouting.org user name?

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I have tried both my email as well as my username - I have also tried to log in via google and apple buttons at the bottom of the login page - it claims that there is no account associated with my gmail address - however I can login just fine into my.scouting.org

Your account does not appear to ge set up for Google or Apple login - does one work on my.scouting.org?

You should log in to Scoutbook with the same username and password that you use at my.scouting – not your e-mail.

You do not have Google or Apple log in set up.

I have tried to use the exact same credentials that I use for my.scouting and they do not work - it keeps saying that I do not have an account.

Correction - it looks like it is working now - not sure if it is something that someone on the Advisory Council did or if it is because I was not yet officially assigned a den but my chairman just assigned me - either way - thank you!

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