Need help with multiple accounts

Hello, I have a few issues with mine and my sons accounts.

I signed up my son for cub scouts using my email address. I originally signed in with google to complete the registration. I then became den leader and somehow my same email address was linked to a different account. I can only sign in to scout book through the google sign in link but that is linked to my sons name. I’m having to manage the den and advancements through my sons account. Can someone please help get this squared away?

My BSA# 14021013
My sons BSA# 14021017


There does not appear to be any registration for you as a den leader. I have searched the databases by name and e-mail address and there is only one record for you.

Have you completed an adult application?

Thanks for your help.

Here is a screen shot of scout book when I sign in. My son is Isaac and is showing as the den leader in the site, but it’s my email address. I’ve completed all the training but have not completed an application that I can recall.

Your Scout is fixed - use the Google log in to get in - not email - you need to fill out an adult application in order to be a leader

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I am the Skipper of two Sea Scout Ships. One in Northern New Jersey and one in Patriots Path. I have two Member id numbers. As of this morning I had access to both units on Scoutbook. Just logged on at our meeting and it is showing me as a member of Greater New York Council where I am not registered and none of my units are showing up in Scoutbook.

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