Scoutbook Access

Hello! I have a registered den leader (app and YPT submitted and processed) who cannot log in to Scoutbook to accept my invitation to connect him to his den. Any suggestions? Thank you!


Post his BSA Member ID and we will look into it. Note he must use his ID to log in to Scoutbook.

Thank you for your help! His BSA number is 14075337. As far as I know, he is logging in with my.scouting login credentials. I’m waiting to hear back from him.

if registered and using my.scouting credentials he does not need an invitation

OK - he said he tries to log in and it tells him he is locked out. Should I get a screen shot from him?

Can I reverse the invitation so he doesn’t need to accept it?

He has 3 BSA member numbers in your council. I would recommend talking to your council about merging them.

136797501 [Den Leader registration] - I have set this one as “primary”
134683149 [Den Leader registration in the same pack]
14075337 [expired Adult Partner registrations]

He also had 2 Scoutbook accounts. I have merged them.

Hi Jennifer - Thank you for your help! I’m not sure why he would have three BSA numbers. I’ve only submitted one application and YPT. That’s strange. I’ve asked about merging them and just waiting to hear back. Thanks again!


Unfortunately, if the leader for example entered Mike as parent first name when registering his child then Michael the system would generate a 2nd BSA Member ID. It is not smart enough to know that Mike and Michael are the same person. If the names and date of birth are not exactly the same, there is a good chance a new BSA Member ID will be generated.

In this case, the parent was originally given a BSA member number as an Adult Partner. Later on, the parent probably created a my.scouting account to take YPT, and that likely created a second BSA member number.

Why this adult has 2 current Den Leader registrations in the same pack and council is a mystery, but there is a difference in the middle name (middle name vs. middle initial).

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