Unable to process registration payment

While trying to sign my son up for cub scouts for the first time, I’m unable to finish the checkout process. The Scout Life checkbox is also unresponsive.

On desktop (Windows 10), Chrome 104.
I attempted with Incognito mode as well (I think that may be the source of a duplicated application on my dashboard).

Glacier’s Edge council, new member.

I’m running into two issues on the youth/checkout page. The Scout Life checkbox fails to become checked (clicking on the checkbox generates a 400 response from api.scouting.org. Full path:
Also, when I click on “Place Order” to submit the form, two spinners appear and nothing else happens. Looking at the developer console, I see several scripts failed to load, and a get request to https://api.scouting.org/registrations/v2/registrations/[application number] returns a 401 error code.

I should note that I ran into some strange behavior when using Chrome’s autofill on previous pages (I was forced to refresh and manually type in everything which passed client-side validation). It doesn’t seem like those issues have anything to do with this, but who knows!


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Having exactly the same problem, two parents trying to register using beascout, one on mobile (Android/chrome), one on desktop, both had the process fail at the payment step. Is the payment processing not working?

We’re having the exact same issue. Parent has tried on multiple devices and gets the spinning wheel and it goes nowhere.

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@RonaldBlaisdell can this be checked on?

I have reached out to see if there is an issue, or if this was transitory.

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Thanks for following up!
Happy to try again, or help troubleshoot as needed.

We had dozens of parents unable to complete the checkout process for registration last night as well as today. This is for both new registrations and transfers. Hope to have this solved soon.

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My educated guess is that it was an issue with the payment processing company, but I’m waiting to hear.

Adding to this thread as well. A parent has reached out and said he’s tried multiple times but when he gets to the payment/check out part he fills out all the info and it just grays out and a circle just keeps spinning. Please advise what we can do to help these parents. Thanks!

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I was told that a fix was deployed to production for the registration system, but that Scout Life subscriptions are still being worked on.

Thanks @RonaldBlaisdell & team, I was able to complete the process.

My 2 parents were able to get through the process as well. Thanks for fixing this, folks!

there was a problem yesterday, but was fixed. All appears ok today Sept 21.

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