New Scout can't process payment

Hello, brand new family trying to apply to our unit and the payment just spins and spins. Please advise! Thanks!

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Mac - Chrome, Firefox, Safari
iphone - Chrome, Safari
Application Number: 200882129
No member ID yet
Council - Adventure West

Hello I am having the same issue for an adult application to be a troop committee member.

Andrew Coonradt
Troop 300 Cradle of Liberty Council 136859134
I am using a MacBook Air and Chrome operating system

@AndrewCoonradt - I replied on your duplicate post. in PA on-line adult apps are not allowed

Any updates or suggestions here? I noticed another application to our unit without a payment made. Sincerely hoping this is not a universal issue. I’ve reached out to that family for clarification and haven’t heard back yet. Please advise! Thank you!

@TrishaCheek - I suggest speaking with your council on this. Beyond that what council are you in ?

Adventure West. We span three states, but we’re in Colorado. I know everything is approved/as it should be as another application came through paid just fine. Sigh. I’ll attempt to call them! Thanks!

According to our registrar, the whole system is down! Egads! Good luck Cub units! Our council is processing applications manually for the time being.

@TrishaCheek - well at least it is an answer. I know for my units I process new apps the old school way… especially since we can not do adult apps on-line.

There is a planned outage tonight so that the system can be reconfigured for the new membership terms that start tomorrow.

Everyone will register for 12 months, no pro-rating.

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The payment issue has been fixed. Please try again.

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