Change date MB was completed

I have recently taken over the Advancement position for our troop. I have a Scout working on his Eagle Binder who noticed that several of his Merit Badge completion dates were entered incorrectly. I have tried every suggestion I can find on these forums and CANNOT access anything that will allow me to change a date.

I promise I’m computer savvy … I don’t ask for help until I’m at the end of my rope. Suggestions?

Is this in Internet Advancement or Scoutbook @KathlynSasso

I go to and then Internet Advancement. I believe I may have figured out the issue as I am not currently a Unit Admin … trying to get my SM and CC to see if they can get me listed properly.

If you’ve got any suggestions … the time is ticking for this kid to get his Eagle binder completed and I’m at my wits end! LOL!

@KathlynSasso go to Scoutbook > go to Scout > go to MB > Unapprove and save > change date approve and save - try that

When I go to Scoutbook and click on any scout other than my own sons, I get the message that I am not connected … it seems that I do not have proper permissions. Hoping that our SM and CC can help me get that resolved today.

If your unit typically uses IA2, you likely want your Key 3 to set you up with the Unit Advancement Chair functional role in the Position Manager at my.scouting. That should set up your permissions correctly in both IA2 and Scoutbook.