Unable to start renewal

It’s time for me to renew my scout’s membership. I opted out of auto-renewal months ago because I prefer to do thing manually. Now, however, it appears that I am unable to start a renewal at all.

Here’s the (correct) message I receiving in SB+:

Everything looks good so far, but when I follow the link for renewing, here’s what I see:

There’s no option to start a renewal. For reference, here’s what the training slides say that I should see:

Whereas the training slides show a “Start Renewal” button, no such button exists for me.

I have also tried “Update Credit Card” and “Opt In Auto Renewal” to see if that might help resolve the problem. In both cases I am prompted for credit card information, but providing the credit card and clicking the “Update Credit Card” button closes the pop-up without seemingly changing anything. Waiting until the next day didn’t help, so it’s not a processing time issue.

And as long as I’m reporting issues with the applications page, I’ll also note that the filter (“Only memberships added or renewed since August 2023 will display here”) results in me only seeing a single membership on this page. I should be able to see at least three: myself and both of my scouts. When I visit the page, however, I only see one of my scouts (which one it is is seemingly random; if I leave the page and come back, it might change to the other, or it might not).

Finally, I’ll also add that I did not receive the two-month renewal notice email. It’s as if opting out of auto-renewal has blocked me from any possibility of renewal.

Does anyone know what this bug is or another way to get the renewal processed?

What happens when you click on the words “My Renewals” in the area above the white box? If this doesn’t show you the proper renewals, then you may need to contact your Council for support. They have a way to help process renewals.

Thanks for the suggestion, but clicking on “My Renewals” unfortunately does help:

@WhitneyD - i think this is a my.scouting.org issue rather than scoutbook. But certainly I would reach out to council as they are supposed to assist with renewals.


You will need to contact your Council. Unfortunately, when you clicked Opt Out the BSA interpreted this as not wanting to renew at all and thus took away the renew option. Your Council can either reset your renewal option or open a ticket on your behalf to have it reset.

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Thank you all for the replies.

If opting out of auto-renew is being handled as an indication of not wanting to continue at all, then that’s going to be confusing for a lot of people. Opting out of “auto renewal” suggests, at least to me, that it disables the “automatic” part of the renewal, not that it prevents any form of renewal. I think others are likely to believe the same.

In any case, there is a link/button (as shown in the second screen shot in the original post) labeled as “Opt In Auto Renewal.” Even if opting out is being treated as not continuing, then that link/button should work to reverse that. That the link/button is not working is still a technical issue in need of correction.

I have contacted my council to request assistance. Hopefully they will be able to assist in my particular case.


Issues with my.scouting.org need to be worked through your Council. I agree the button wording is poor and there should be a way to revers an opt out decision.

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To provide an update for anyone else experiencing similar problems…

My council replied back saying that I would need to fill out a new application form for my daughter to re-apply for membership. I’m concerned doing it that way might result in losing two months (i.e., an expiration date of June 30 instead of August 31 next year), so I’m going to wait for now.

This is a really problematic system.

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