Renew doesn't work

I can’t even view the calendar because it says my scout’s registration needs to be renewed, and when I try to renew this system gets stuck on some error.

Even the “Report Error” button gives me nothing but empty clicks. “We are sorry something went wrong”

1st page:

Attention Parent/Guardian

It’s time to renew your youth’s xxxxxxx membership in Scouting as it lapsed on 3/31/2024. To continue his/her involvement in your unit, record advancement, and maintain access to Scouting resources, click on “Renew”.

2nd page:
clicking “Renew” used to give me a page to enter initials then a “Go to Checkout Summary” button (see attachment)
Screenshot 2024-04-25 081228
, but now it’s just showing me “Something went wrong” and a “report error” button that goes nowhere.

How about bringing back the old calendar, which worked?

@ThomasWebb - this has nothing to do with the calendar. When was your recharter ?


I do not see any issues with your son’s (first initial M) membership in Akela (the membership database) or Scoutbook. He is registered through 1/31/25.

What are you seeing on the calendar page?

Hi Stephen,
Our cub scout unit did the rechartering in December. This thing is saying her membership expired 3/31/24. The reason this does have something to do with the new calendar is because this little glitch is preventing me from accessing the calendar. Whether or not the calendar is the root cause of this problem, we were able to use the calendar previously, and not anymore.


What problem are you having with the calendar? We cannot help until we know what the problem is.

Can you ignore or dismiss the message and move on?

I resolved it for now.

I was able to get past the renewal prompt and was stuck in some “Scoutbook Plus Profile” page with the calendar button greyed out and unclickable. Enough clicking on other spots got me to a page that let me click and open the calendar.

I have confidence the system owner will recognize this sort of obstacle as a serious threat that could prevent both new and longtime scoutbook users from being able to use the calendar.

Thanks for everybody’s help.