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Unable to update email address in my second Scoutbook profile

I have two BSA IDs, and two SB profiles since I am registered in two separate councils.

One profile currently has no email address associated with it, and I am unable to add one since it’s “already in use”.

I am able to switch which ID is primary, and the email remains the same in my.scouting.org. At a minimum, I would like the same email associated with both profiles.

Is the email by any chance a gmail address? If so, you can use the “tagging” trick to create what looks like a unique address, but actually just delivers to the same account. Add “+council2” or whatever tag you want to the end of your gmail address in the second Scoutbook account. We used that trick when we felt our son was too young to have his own email address, but we wanted him to be able to “see” his Scoutbook account.

ETA: I’m a bit confused though, since I would expect that logging in with your my.scouting credentials would be needed for an adult leader role. Wouldn’t that just deliver you to whichever Scoutbook account is associated with the BSA ID set as “primary” at the time?

Conveniently, it is a gmail address, so I may use tagging to get around this. I do know of a couple other leaders in my units that are in a similar situation, but do not have a gmail address.

I was similarly confused. Switching my primary BSA ID did deliver me to the associated SB account, however one account was missing most of the information, including email.

Thanks for the response and suggestion.

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